6 Steps To Better Quality Events

Since, nearly every organization, whether, a not – for – profit, or for – profit group/ company, conducts some variety of events/ functions, for a variety of purposes, wouldn’t it make more sense, for them, to do so, in the best possible, most efficient, effective, well – planned manner? After, more than four decades, of involvement, in nearly every aspect of event planning, from budgeting, planning, negotiating, promoting, marketing, and conducting, several hundreds of these, I have come to strongly believe, there are six (6) basic steps, involved, in creating the best quality ones, With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, and explain, why they matter, and are relevant, and important.

1. Know the purpose, clearly: Before beginning any other planning efforts, it’s essential, to first, clearly know, and understand, the purposes, and objectives, of the specific event! Is the main purpose, organizational, educational/ training, fund – raising, inspirational/ motivational, or membership attraction, etc? It’s necessary to clearly know, and understand these objectives, before proceeding!

2. Budgeting – Forecasting revenues and expenses: Commit to making your budget, your friend, instead of, an empty, rhetorical exercise! How can you determine, how to proceed, without doing so? What are the areas of revenues, and are they viable and realistic? Some of these may include: fees charged; sponsorships; advertising revenues; exhibitor contributions, etc. Are these realistic and plausible, for the specific function, at this point – in – time? Why would others attend, and how will you clearly demonstrate, both, actual and perceived value, to get them there? What are your expenses? Include marketing costs, mailings, complimentary costs, venue costs, food and revenue, etc.

3. Negotiate: It takes a professional negotiator, to make a difference, for the better! It’s important to negotiate, using win – win negotiating, and earn the trust of the other side, by maintaining genuine, absolute integrity! Often, the difference between the most success, and less – than – stellar results, is the quality, and preparedness of the negotiator, and his ultimate effectiveness!

4. Create your team: It’s important to create an event leadership team, with complimentary skills, and commitment/ discipline. How will you do so? How will you explain the individual expectations, and responsibilities? How might you work together, as effectively, as possible?

5. Articulate goals, etc: It’s important for everyone to be, on the same – page! This means the organizer must clearly articulate goals, in an inspiring, motivating, honest manner!

6. Follow – through: While the first five steps, are needed, necessary, and essential, to achieve one’s objectives, quality, well – considered, proactive, follow – through, is, often, the difference between achieving the finest results, and far less success!

If you plan to create and use events, do so, in the best, possible way. Use these 6 – steps, smartly, effectively, and with your utmost discipline and commitment!