4 Responses to “Pete”

  1. Bryan says:

    I have NEVER posted a comment. But you definately have that “IT” factor that makes people famous. Keep grinding, Pete, and good luck.

  2. Chequita says:

    I have to agree, you definately have “IT”! And please keep working “IT” OUT!

  3. Quadasia Love says:

    Hello. I am an aspiring model. I would love to do a photo shoot with you and possibly get to know you. You can email me at shewolf797@gmail.com or find me on Facebook.

  4. C. Page says:

    Hello, Pete!

    I’m currently writing a book series called “Faraway” which is based on the life of a highly trained assassin gone rogue. There’s more to the story line than just that, but I figure it might not appeal to you since what I am contacting you about is photos.

    I’m needing two men that are similar in appearance (they are supposed to be brothers)for the cover art of my second book. I was curious to see if you might be interested? I’m not a photographer, and all I would need is a head shot over either a plain white, black, or green back ground since I do all of my graphics myself.

    If this might interest you, please contact me so we could further discuss this?

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